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Working Mum's Guide To Tax

If you happen to be one of the thousands of mums juggling work and family life, then you need to be aware of the tax reliefs you are entitled to claim.

You can weave working life around your manic ‘mum’ schedule and explore options you never considered possible until now. Whether you’re a franchisee for an established company like Avon, freelancer, beauty therapist, hairdresser or online trader, there’s a route for you to go down at Tax Rebate Services.

HMRC cannot automatically refund your money without your declaration, so be sure to give them a heads up and submit an official claim today! 

Tax Reliefs for Working Mums

What are working tax reliefs?” This is perhaps the most common question asked by mums working from home, who through no fault of their own, have never come across Tax Rebate Services. This means that currently there are thousands of pounds worth of over-paid taxes not being reclaimed. 

Some popular work expenses you can claim tax relief for are:

· Washing your own work uniform or protective clothing

· Using your own car for work purposes ( not normal commuting to one place of work )

· Professional and Union fees for example a Nurse paying fees into the NMC

· Working from home to cover the cost of telephone calls, broadband usage and lighting and heating bills. To be in with a chance of making a claim, it must state in your contract that you are required to work from home as part of your duties. There will be no chance of a swift cash injection if you were given the option of working from home and you took it, or if you persuaded your employer you needed to work from home for any reason. 

What’s more, if you’re self-employed many of the same rules apply. With the cost of living only going up it’s important to make every penny count.  Many self-employed mums prefer to seek professional help when looking to make a claim to ensure they have all the information they need and don’t miss out on any of the reliefs applicable to their working situation.  

Click here to check your eligibility for a tax rebate or call 01228 520477 to speak to the experts today at Tax Rebate Services.

If you'd like to find more advice for working parents please take a look at our advice pages here.

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