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Three ways to make the most of working from home

There are more of us working from home than ever before – and those of us who do so all the time know the unique challenges it brings.

Apparently, there are now over one and a half million people working from home in the UK. This has lots of advantages for working mums; no commuting, no distracting office chat, fewer sick days, and a lot less money spent on office space.

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But it isn’t for everyone. Many parents find working from home too much of a distraction when children are in the house – and many of us simply find the experience too isolating.

But the simple fact is that many of us do work from home today whether by choice or necessity – so here are three ideas to make the day more interesting.

Get breakfast in

It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet many of us skip it or make do with a coffee and a quick bowl of cereal – maybe even at our desks. So how about trying something new and treating yourself to a delivered breakfast to get the day off to a flying start?

There are an increasing number of restaurants and cafes specialising in breakfast delivery today that don’t break the bank – and availing oneself of their services is not only a healthy treat but helps you feel more professionally connected to the outside world, and so helps overcome feelings of social isolation that can be a real challenge for home-workers. Of course, it can also save valuable time.

Lunch out

On a “same but different” basis – having lunch out can have a similar effect in that it helps us feel connected to the world after a morning’s isolated desk work. Going to a venue for lunch punctuates the day nicely, giving you a reward for work done in the morning and setting you up for the afternoon. Many home-workers can kill two birds with one stone by making the lunch a professional one. But making a lunch appointment regularly whether social or professional helps us feel connected to the world in a real sense and in a way that sitting at the desk or on the phone or Skype, email etc, simply doesn’t achieve in the same way. 

Downtime in

Our body clocks take a natural dip in the afternoon. This is usually around 1-3pm for most of us, after we’ve eaten and had a busy morning. One advantage of working from home is the ability to capitalise on this natural rhythm by allowing yourself some downtime in one form or another – rather than fighting against nature as is usually necessary in an office environment.

So whether this is via a short siesta, or by enjoying some therapy out or in like an aromatherapy massage, reflexology treatment, yoga class – or however else you like to enjoy a healthy downtime; accepting the downtime and looking forward to it can be a real treat. It also sets you up better for a productive second crack at the working day.

Working from home is challenging, but is also chock-full of great opportunities; so make the most of them. 

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