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How to Join in and Get the Most from Twitter Chat Hours

What on earth is a twitter chat?

We'd recommend that you get to grips with your twitter account before jumping into your first twitter chat.  Ask yourself a few questions, is your Twitter profile up to date, have you created brand awareness by including your company logo, have you linked to your website?

A Twitter chat is a group of people coming together on Twitter for about an hour each week to have a conversation that revolves around a pre-determined hashtag. As long as people include the hashtag in their tweet, they’re part of the conversation.  It’s a great way to meet lots of like-minded people, as well as receive and give advice.

Got it? Moving on how do you find a Twitter chat?

Since directories aren’t always reliable or up to date, start by looking for chats on Twitter (you can identify them by the repetitive hashtag).  You can also find out about specific chats in Twitter bios because many times hosts will mention them there. Take a look at the mumandworking bio.  We host #MumsJobHour every Tuesday between 11-12 noon GMT (or BST in Summer).

Get set up and ready to go

You may want to tweet in advance that you intend to join the Twitter chat using the hashtag to connect with the host.  We'd recommend that you use your browser or third party client (HootSuite, TweetDeck) to join in with the twitter chat hour, a browser-based experience is much better than that on iOS and Android. Don't forget to use the hashtag in every post, when people forget to put in the hashtag, no one sees their tweets in the conversation, so they get frustrated.

Two open tabs make your life easier

There are essentially two separate tabs, that you can open in your browser, to take your twitter chat enjoyment to the max.  Go to google, search for "twitter" then log in to your account.

Your notifications within Twitter

Go to your Twitter profile and click on the notifications bell - top left.  Leave this tab open in your browser so that you can come back to see your twitter notifications (who's mentioned you, who's followed you) easily.

The hashtag search (latest)

Open another tab in your browser, once again logging into twitter. In this tab use the search box to look up the required hashtag. You'll be shown the results, with the auto setting on the top left saying 'top'.  Hit the latest menu option net to that and keep this window open. If you refresh every now and then you'll see the latest tweets from the conversation in front of you. Happy days!

Enjoy your hour, things will go fast!

If you’re not sure what to say, at least come on and introduce yourself at the beginning. The point of Twitter chats is to be social. Speak up. Find ways of chiming in on things, even if it’s just to say you agree. It’s hard for a guest to answer everybody’s questions because most chats move fast and it’s easy to miss things.

Don't be tempted to pre-schedule spam tweets.  It's very obvious and your tweets will simply be ignored.

Say thanks! Remind yourself to join in next week

When the hour is over, it's always a nice gesture to follow the people that you've interacted with and say thank you for your time twitter chatting.  Make a note in your calendar to join in on time next week.

If you feel ready why not jump in on #MumsJobHour 11-12 noon on Tuesdays?  Check out @mumandworking

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