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Ignite your passion for education: run a MagiKats maths and English centre

MagiKats Maths English TutorsRediscover what it’s like to be excited to get to work, earn a good living and make a difference to kids in your area.  So much more than just a business - this is your chance to choose your future.

MagiKats was started in 2004 by a family who wanted to provide out of school support for kids in their local area in key subjects, namely English and maths. Jan Lomas, one of the founders, says, “As a teacher with more decades of experience than I would care to admit, parents locally were approaching me and asking if I could help their children as they were approaching their SATs papers. Demand was such that I could only help them by devising a system and employing others to help me, so that’s when MagiKats was born.”

Jan and her family developed the MagiKats system so successfully that others started approaching them to ask if they could use the system as well – and that’s how MagiKats became a franchised business. Jumping forwards over ten years and the MagiKats system is a mature operation that continues to improve and evolve as the curriculum changes. Taking a traditional approach to education whilst using the best of modern technology in the background creates the best of both worlds – a system that encourages the best learning skills in its students yet is able to respond quickly to changes in the school curriculum.

The MagiKats franchise is one that retains its roots as a family business – all four members of the Lomas family are still actively involved in the day to day running of the business and they say you need to be warned – joining the MagiKats network as a franchisee makes you one of the family!

Franchisee Sarah Bell-Woods says, “MagiKats is a franchise for anyone who loves seeing children succeed, and it works for anyone – whether they have experience in education or come from a totally different background.

MagiKats provides all the teaching materials and training and even offers personal marketing support. All a franchisee needs is enthusiasm, commitment and energy – setting up a new business is definitely hard work.”

Sarah Marsh from MagiKats HQ, adds, “Collaboration with new franchisees is vital to get them set up and operating successfully. We have created an almost turn-key franchise operation of which I am personally extremely proud of, meaning it has never been easier to open a MagiKats centre.

“At the end of the day, it is all about helping kids maximise their potential and we will do whatever we can to achieve that goal.”

Do you share Sarah’s vision? If so, then get in touch with MagiKats here.

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