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We're going back now! Here's our older muses, still by a group of working mums who, despite opinions of some, have found a little more to do with their time than drink coffee and dunk biscuits.....

How can one person's determination to face their fears make a difference to families throughout the UK?

With the help and support of like minded people, that's how!

What’s On 4 founder and managing director, Sam Willoughby, explains why she put her business and reputation on the line to establish the Children’s Activities Association – the first independent and not-for-profit organisation to put in place standards for all children’s activities.

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What are the benefits of Seasonal and Christmas Work?

Written by Suzi Hill, mum of 2 and Christmas Worker

Moving around due to my husband’s work has often meant I have struggled to find a job which will fit in around school hours, but for the last 2 years I have been lucky enough to find seasonal work with Boots which has done just that!

Why don't you embrace the opportunity and enjoy the freedom that thousands of people do as Seasonal or Christmas staff?!

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Harness parent power with KalliKids.com

Written by Rachael of KalliKids.com

I was determined to do it all… I planned on being that super woman who continued with my career and juggled family life without compromising either, and I was confident I could do it. But to my surprise, as that return to work date drew closer, I realised that I didn’t WANT to do it!

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The Confidence To Network

Written by Stacey Calder, Co-director of Networking Mummies UK LTD

After a lengthy chat with Laura about this subject I felt the need to get it out there to help other people in my situation, so here goes!

Just under 6 years ago Laura set up the first Networking Mummies Warwickshire meeting. As she’d been out of the area for 6 years she was unsure of who would turn up and as a long term friend with children asked me to go along to support her. Now I like to think I’m a good friend to Laura (and others) but the thought of this made me sick in fact it made my stomach feel like a washing machine on spin cycle. Why? Because I didn’t know what networking was all about.

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Our Family-Friendly Working' Businabout our business awardsess Awards As Hosted By Natwest With Headline Sponsors Build14Me.com Triumph

Written by Suzanne Borrell on October 3rd, 2015

You may have heard a little whisper about the mumandworking awards?  Or maybe you joined in with the other mumandworking users who helped to increase our Facebook interactions by 400% during the awards and saw over a million twitter impressions!  We work hard to organise the UK's leading awards programme  celebrating the champions of flexible working - showcasing those businesses, associations and individuals (mums and dads!) who are demonstrating how a fulfilling career can be balanced with modern-day family life - enjoying and managing parenting and working, together. We're exceptionally proud to say that the 2015 awards welcomed the highest number of nominations ever and votes in their thousands.

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Family, Fun and Fashion - You Can Have It All!

Written by Penny Gunter on August 24, 2015

I was a high flyer in the corporate world of pharmaceuticals, then I had my daughter and became a stay at home mum and to be honest completely loved it! But there came a point when I needed to earn money again. I quickly realised a 9 - 5 job wasn't going to work for me, how on earth would I manage the school holidays? Not many employers let you have 6 weeks off during the summer!

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We've Grown! We're now live in Australia!

photographer jobs for mumsWritten by Team mumandworking and Aiying Law on July 17, 2015

We're so excited to be able to cover a new country with mumandworking, so we'd like to introduce to you mumandworking Australia!

Here's a few words from website manager Aiying about why she wanted to become part of our team:

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Can quality photography create an impact with your business?

photographer jobs for mums

Written by Sophie Sheinwald on May 1, 2015

Imagine opening a newspaper and reading an editorial without any photography. Imagine clicking through a website and not being able to see any relevant images. Imagine booking onto a corporate event where there are no headshots of guest speakers. Or for that matter, seeing a business profile online, with no headshot at all. We simply expect good photography from a businesses. But why? Read More →


Running a small business is hard ~ Being a mum is hard ~Tell you something you don’t know, right?

Written by Born Bad Betty on April 24, 2015

I naively assumed that the more successful your business becomes, the easier it gets.  More success = more money to outsource = more time to spend with your family. Can I hear you laughing at the back? Unsurprisingly, this equation hasn’t worked out quite how I imagined. Read More →


Dress For Interview Success

Written by Colour Me Beautiful on March 20, 2015Work Part Time From Home Blog

It takes just 7 seconds for your Interviewer to form that first impression of you! Here Anna de Vere, Director of Corporate Training and Development at Colour Me Beautiful gives you her top tips to help you dress for interview success. Read More →


One moment caller.....Is working from home really that easy?

Our team is exceptionally lucky to be able to work from our own homes and to offer that possibility to other mums - but is working from home really that easy?  Hell no!

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