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Is It Always Best To Be 'Pushed In The Deep End' In A New Job?

When you get thrown in the deep end, you either sink or swim. But is this something you want to happen when you’re starting a new job? For many of us, probably not!

If you sink, your career will be over before it’s really had a chance to begin. It’s a stressful thing to happen, and can knock tremendous holes in your confidence if you fail at something you were looing forward to. However, if you manage to cope with the stress and ‘swim’, you’ll make a good impression, reap the rewards far quicker and see your career take off with a flying start. You’ll prove that you’re suitable for the role and have the right kind of attitude, kicking hard so that you don’t ‘slip under the waves’, so to speak.

Moreover, in many roles, it is better for both yourself and your employer to be confirm that you’re fit for the job (or not!) sooner rather than later. And while it’s true that some people need a little more guidance and help coming out of their shell, there are roles where jumping in the deep end is the only real option. This is certainly the case for sales roles, for example.

Sales roles don’t allow for any timid tip-toeing into the deep end. Instead, you need to be confident, assertive, and capable of persevering in the face of adversity. You need to learn how to build relationships quickly, ask the right questions to fill your knowledge gaps, and be capable of pushing those inevitable self-doubts to one side so that you can do a good job.

But, do you know what else you’ll need? Training! Even if you’re going to be thrown in at the deep end, you need some manner of coaching to ensure that you give a role a fair chance of succeeding. For instance, if you’re embarking on a career in sales, it’s fair to expect that you’d get to benefit from the kind of guidance and teaching a sales training company can provide you with.

This combination of a ‘sink or swim’ attitude paired with a programme of structured, effective training will see that you’re keeping afloat, learning with the aid of ‘educational armbands’ to stop you from drowning. In fact,  that the best kind of learning is done on the job with proper support along the way: comprehension and retention can be boosted by as much as 60-90% if individuals get to learn in real-life situations with good quality training programmes.

Ultimately, if nothing else, a sink or swim approach to a new job will give you the right mindset and a prompt to thrive in today’s competitive environment. The job market is always difficult to break into, and in today’s uncertain economic climate, a can-do attitude is more important than ever! So, is it always best to be pushed in the deep end in a new job? Yes: but make sure you’re going to get proper support and training in order to keep afloat.

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