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Maintaining Your Home With a Busy Work Schedule

A clean and tidy home is the one thing guaranteed to help us feel calm and among the chaos of every day life. However, it’s precisely the chaos that prevents us from keeping our living space in tip top condition, isn’t it? If cleaning the house falls to the bottom of your list of priorities (and don’t worry, we’ve all been there), here are some top tips for maintaining your home with a busy work schedule…

1. Stop expecting perfection.

First of all, it’s important to let go of the idea of having a house that’s photo-shoot ready at all times. This isn’t about lowering your standards; in fact, it’s actually about demanding less of yourself… a large pile of washing doesn’t make you a bad person, and not making a bed worthy of Pinterest every morning isn’t the end of the world! Emptying the bins, keeping the kitchen hygienic and stopping the bathroom becoming unsanitary are the only tasks that are essential on a day to day basis.

2. Cull the clutter.

William Morris once advised that you should “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. And he’s right! Donate, sell or bin anything that doesn’t serve a practical function or bring you joy, knowing that you’ll no longer have to tidy away those unnecessary bits and bobs ever again.

3. Set aside 15 minutes

and the beginning and end of every day. As much as you probably need the sleep, setting your alarm 15 minutes early means you can get a jump start on the chores. Use it to empty the dishwasher, hang out the laundry or mop the floor before the kids rise, resisting the temptation to browse Facebook from your bed. Can’t go without your social media fix? Limit ‘morning scrolling time’ to two or three mornings a week.

4. Don’t be ashamed to hire help.

Sometimes, the only way to keep on top of a home with a busy schedule is to enlist the help of the professionals. You can benefit from a Molly Maid house cleaning service on a schedule that suits you, knowing that after a long day at the office and ferrying the kids from various school clubs, you’ll open the door to a home that’s been cleaned in a way that only the professionals seem to achieve.  We're proud to let you know that Molly Maid are also offering flexible work to parents as part of their Housekeeping team, visit this part of our site to find out more.

5. Abide by the two-minute rule.

Another great tip is to remember the two-minute rule: if it takes under two minutes to complete, do it now. After all, is anyone going to really mind you showing up just a couple of minutes late to something? Probably not! And, you’ll find that you complete so many more ad hoc chores than you would by letting it pile up for the weekend.

6. Ensure all family members are pulling their weight.

Finally, you can maintain your home with a busy schedule by simply reminding all family members to pitch in. Children should be doing chores due to the fact that they’re part of a family and not just to earn their pocket money, and partners should be counted upon to pick up their share of responsibilities too.

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