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Working mums, it can be a grind can’t it? Trying to juggle your career, your kids AND still find time for yourself? If only there was a few more hours in the day.

Of course there are ways to squeeze everything in: You could pile extra hours into 3 or 4 working days to get an extra day off. You could work irregular hours and try to slot the school run, meals and other chores around it. It might even be a case of taking a part-time role and potentially missing out on career progression.

There’s no wrong way to try and fit everything in, it’s finding whatever works for you. There’s got to be a better way to get a work-life balance than this manic juggle though, right? This is where job sharing comes in.

Job sharing is becoming ever more popular with employers and employees alike as we’re all starting to really see its benefits. But, what is job sharing? And how can you start doing it?

Job sharing is actually an incredibly simple concept. You know how jobs are normally done by one person? Well in this case, one job role will be filled by two people. Simple! This doesn’t mean two part timers, it means one full-time job is being fulfilled by two individuals. As it turns out dividing jobs this way has got some major upsides.

For you as an employee who’s part of a job share, you get the benefit of a job that works around your schedule without the sacrifices that normally come with it. It means you have part-time hours but still get the career progression associated with a regular full-time role. You don’t have to work extra-long days just to get another day off later. And when you are off work you can focus all of your attention on whatever it is you are doing, confident in the knowledge that your job share partner is answering emails and calls. The flexibility it offers you allows you to choose work AND your personal life without having to compromise.

For your employer, they get the experience of two people for the same or just a little more than the price of one. They get happier, more productive employees who are less likely to go elsewhere, saving them money in the long run. It’s a win-win situation all round.

The thing with job sharing though, is that it’s still a little step away from what’s “traditional” employment.  It’s because of that we still don’t see many jobs advertised as available for share. This means that it’s up to you to not only suggest sharing to a potential employer but to also leave them with no reason to say no. This is how we at Share Your Job can help!

Shareyourjob.com is a platform that helps users find their perfect job share partner. Having a job share partner ready to go and hours worked out is half the battle when it comes to proposing a job share to an employer. At shareyourjob.com, it’s our mission to make finding your work-life balance as easy as possible!

As more and more companies support job sharing, it’ll become easier and easier to find job share roles. Until that point though some employers will be worried about the headache that might come with the arrangement. It’ll be up to you to sell them the benefits they’ll be getting and shareyourjob.com is here to make it just that bit easier.  We believe that almost any job can be shared, and there are plenty of high profile cases now to support this – including Ambassadors and local Councillors.

If you need any help or advice starting your job sharing journey, get in touch! We’re always happy to help you get back on balance.

Wriiten by Astrid Clifford from Shareyourjob.com

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