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How to improve morale within the workplace

If you want your business to be a success, you have to make sure that your staff are happy, which is why it’s essential to improve morale within the workplace. A happy workforce means that you have less chance of a high staff turnover rate and that your place of work will be known as a friendly place to work and more people will want to do business with you or come and work for you.

The better staff morale is, the more productive a team will be, and that’s better for the boss, the workforce and their clients.

Offer staff pay rises

Every year the bills go up, and we need more money to be able to meet the demand of inflation. Staff pay increases are a fantastic way of improving staff morale as job hopping has become more common in the workplace and gone are the days of a job for life. If you want to keep your team together rewarding loyalty with annual pay rises will keep them happy and will pass this on to others that your business is a great place to work. If you look after your staff more, staff morale will improve, and more people are likely to remain loyal to your business.

Opportunities to work from home

Regus UK carried out research across the world and asked 20,000 business people why they preferred to work remotely.

56% of workers said that remote working helps workers concentrate better, because a break from the usual business environment renews focus, and enables mobile workers to go through their to-do list without interruptions from colleagues and ringing phones.

Flexible working was also found to improve travel schedules (55%), as remote workers spend less time commuting. And not only do they enjoy a respite from jam-packed trains, but mobile workers also have more time to unwind with loved ones (46%) at the end of a busy day, improving morale within the workplace as employees enjoy a work/life balance.


Bonuses are great incentives and encourage staff to work harder. Many companies have annual or Christmas bonus schemes where you have to achieve some objectives, and the more you achieve, the higher your bonus will be. It’s no secret that everyone works for money and with this in mind companies can take advantage of this. The harder the company works, the more clients the company will get due to its name for hiring excellent staff and therefore staff are likely to stay in a business where the pay is good, and bonuses are offered.

Opportunities for staff training and development

Many people who start off in a junior role, would like to progress into a more senior role or take a sidestep to another area of the company. Training and development is important for staff morale, and it also keeps the workforce focused and up-to-date with their knowledge within their role. People often become bored and complacent when there are little or no opportunities for training and development.

Staff healthcare packages

No one knows when they are likely to become ill, which is why many people are taking out private healthcare packages for themselves and their loved ones. Some companies offer health care packages which enable staff to also put their partners and their young family on it.

A great social atmosphere

Many companies are introducing team bonding days and evenings and Friday lunchtime gatherings at the pub. It’s important to get along with your colleagues, as you spend more time with them than your own family and the atmosphere is a lot nicer, and clients and other businesses can pick up on staff morale.

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