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How to deal with work-related stress

Feeling stressed at work is by no means uncommon. In fact, according to Health and Safety Executive statistics, over half a million UK workers reported suffering from workplace stress in 2016/17. While workload was seen as the main cause of stress, other reasons cited included a lack of support, changes at work, or bullying at work.

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work related stress

Being a working mum can bring different types of stress to those who don’t have children, as you not only have to think about work challenges, but also manage to look after your brood and run your household at the same time.

Turn up the organisation dial

The more organised you are, the more smoothly your day will run. For instance, it goes without saying that if you have to think about the kids being dropped off and picked up after school, there’s an extra layer of complication. Making sure that this essential is reliably covered will mean one less thing to get stressed about during the working day, which will hopefully leave you to concentrate on what you have to get done.

Simple strategies such sticking to a morning routine will ensure that you can get to work on time and maximise the time you have at your desk. And avoid the temptation to stay late to catch up on work unless absolutely necessary, as it will just put your evening off-kilter and this in turn can add to the stress you feel at work the next day.

Talk it through

One of the worst things to do if you’re feeling stressed is to bottle it up. Talking things through with a colleague, or friend outside of work, can allow you to find solutions. The colleague may be able to give you some advice on how to manage your workload, or whether you should talk to your manager about altering deadlines etc, so that you feel under less pressure. A friend can allow you to vent any frustrations about people you work with without it jeopardising your position!

An alternative is to talk through what stresses you through a psychic reading. It may sound a little off-beat to approach a psychic about work stress, but in fact readers at TheCircle highlight career issues as one of the most-frequently discussed topics in a reading. While a psychic won’t provide you with direct advice on your career, they can help you explore what motivates and drives you, what you find challenging and if you’re in a bit of a career rut, what might motivate you to make a change.

Give yourself some time out

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All work and no play can make Jill a dull girl, to twist an old saying! It’s hard, and sometimes seemingly impossible, to factor in some downtime when you’re a working mum, but you’ll feel the benefit of doing so. There are ways to do this without booking a weekend at a health spa - though that’s always a great option if you can squeeze it in. For instance, taking your full lunch break to go and do a yoga class at a local gym, or even taking the time to go out for a walk rather than staying in the office will do you the power of good. Exercise allows you to focus on the physical and will relegate work stresses to the back of your mind. The release of endorphins (our “happy hormones”) through exercise will also allow you to return to work feeling motivated to complete the day on a positive note and get things done.

Accepting that there will always be potential for some stress at work and knowing that you’re not alone in suffering from stress helps to handle it. However, taking some positive actions to counter it, you’ll find that those moments when it all feels too much will become much rarer.

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