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From PTA Mums to a Thriving Business – The IQ Cards Success Story

The time and hassle needs to be taken out of school fundraising - this first became clear to me during my time as an active member of the PTA at my son’s school. Too often were teachers pushed for time and money, with the quickest and cheapest fundraising ideas having to suffice, with more exciting methods resigned to ‘maybe one day’. Teachers and parents everywhere are feeling the pressure to raise money for their schools in a fun and creative way, but time and financial constraints often result in generic fundraising events. It is no secret that schools are more pushed than ever for resources, and the need to raise funds in an enjoyable yet simple way is greater than ever.

So in 2009, IQ Cards launched. Experience at the IQ Digital House, and knowledge of the advanced printing methods they had available there, made the perfect playground for a new fundraising idea, and the lack of evolution made by the traditional school tea towel approach highlighted a gap in the market. By inviting children to produce all manner of personalised gifts for friends and family with their own designs, creativity is encouraged, group activity enjoyed, and fundraising made simple, enjoyable and affordable. Furthermore, its versatility makes it suited to far more than just Christmas – any occasion, or lack of, can be celebrated with personalised gifts, which include greeting cards, gift-wrap, postcards and labels.

The IQ Cards project has come a long way, and there is now a dedicated team (fellow parents on a mission) headed up by myself. Our collective first-hand experience of school fundraising struggles and continuous collaboration in school environments has improved the project year on year, eventually gaining us recognition as a preferred supplier for PTA UK. The need for imaginative fundraising solutions which require no upfront costs and very little maintenance was recognised, and we aim to provide all schools with a fundraising idea that offers variety, enjoyment and, of course, significant returns.

By Charlotte Baldwin, Operations Manager at IQ Cards:

IQ Cards are a fundraising company that provide schools and establishments with the necessary tools to fundraise via selling high-quality and unique gifts designed by pupils. As part of the established on-demand print and digital solutions provider The IQ Digital House, ensures that all requirements and products are produced to the highest standards, delivered on time and at great value prices. Several of the IQ cards team are mothers and PTA members themselves appreciating and understanding school protocols extremely well. They are the preferred supplier for PTA UK. For more information please visit: http://www.iqcards.co.uk/

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