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Growing up for children and teens today is complex, challenging and pressured. The amount of stresses and demands put on them are often extreme. Nearly all children under 12 years old suffer from a lack of confidence and resilience skills at some point and confidence in teens is also at an all-time low.

If you are a parent you’ll no doubt have seen the ups and downs of life for kids today and turbulence it can bring. We live in a full on inter-connected, 24/7 society with the demands of technology, gadgets, gizmos, peer pressure, influence of the media and parental expectations all contributing to the mix. Then we have Social Media making life even more pressured and kids trying to fit in and keep up.

Kids and teens today need the right tools, techniques and strategies to cope and live their younger years to the full. They need to hone their confidence and communication skills and have the resourcefulness to bounce back after disappointment. Real Life-Skills for Real-Life situations.

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of Kids and young people by coaching them to become more Self-Confident and resourceful? Would you like to feel richly rewarded for what you do and earn a good living doing it? Are you looking for a new career or life change yourself?  

The CHAMPS Academy Franchise opportunity could be just what you are looking for if you are ready to make a difference in kids and teens lives and committed to succeeding in your own business. CHAMPS Academy offers Confidence and Life Skills coaching to kids and teens of all ages using the proven CHAMPS coaching formula. This is your chance to start an exciting Kids coaching business that works around you and your family. Our coaches are not Therapists but Strategists that offer workable solutions and practical tools. So, you don’t need any previous coaching experience to get started or a high-brow psychology degree.

However, if you already run your own business CHAMPS can be the perfect bolt-on and additional income source.

CHAMPS provides full initial and ongoing training, exclusive trading territory, availability to obtain insurance, DBS and an incredible support system which existing Franchisees rave about. Most of our Franchisees are busy Mums (or Dads). You can work the specific hours that suit your family lifestyle and situation. This is a totally flexible business opportunity. Some sessions such as the Confidence Club, which is usually held during term time (or any scheduled workshops you hold) require a firm commitment each week, but this still gives you ample choice and freedom compared to having a job!  

The CHAMPS Franchise is growing strong with many areas of the UK are already taken, there still is great opportunities though throughout the UK and Ireland for those who are serious about change. CHAMPS are expanding the Franchise across the world in the next few years with major expansion planned.

For more info visit: http://www.champsfranchise.com/

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