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Combining Caring and Breadwinning

As we enter a new year, it’s a great time to think about how you wish to start and incorporate work back into your life again after having children.  Working out how to combine work and family can feel challenging but you are not alone.  There is a large group of parents who are making it work for both fathers and mothers and Beyondtheschoolrun.com has become the place to support parents in finding the inspiration, connections and opportunities to move forward.

We are living in an interesting time, a time when we are re-shaping how people work forever.  Starting with children, by recognizing that they have individual skills and talents, we can provide them with the foundation to unlock their skills very early on to then go and explore and grow.  At the point at which we become parents I believe we have a further opportunity to explore our natural skills and talents to provide us with a work and life combination that supports our growth alongside our children’s.

As the school system is here to support the first stage of our growth, Beyondtheschoolrun is being developed to support the second stage.  A place where parents can find their way in unlocking or re-engaging with their natural skills and talents again to enable them to work and care in combination.

There is an opportunity for us all as parents to re-shape the working world forever, whether you are working independently or as part of an organization.  By choosing to work in a new way, a way that isn’t all or nothing but recognizes the combination of caring and breadwinning we can truly start to shape a great society.  Our natural individual talents provide us with so much more – they give a connection with ourselves and our dreams.

So let’s follow our dreams together into 2016 creating a new way for our boys and girls and future generations.

If you are a parent looking to work within the hours available to you just register on Beyondtheschoolrun.com, the place to inspire, engage and connect parents.

Louise Webster


Founder, Beyondtheschoolrun.com, mother of 2

If you'd like to find jobs that will help you combine caring for your children and bread winning please take a look at today's vacancies here

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