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10 ways to improve your work journey forever

Every morning, most of us take part in the same routine: wake up, get ready, make breakfast, grab our bags and say goodbye to the family before heading to work. Then every evening, we take part in another very similar routine, say goodbye to co-workers, grab our bags and head home.

We accept that our work commute is one of the most boring parts of our days, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out these ten ways to improve your journey, shake things up a bit and never suffer through a dull morning drive again.

1. Car share

If you work with people who live near you, have you ever considered car sharing? Not only is it more fun to have a conversation and get to know people outside of work, you can also build new relationships amongst co-workers, save on travel costs and help the environment by reducing the number of cars on the roads.

2. Discover new music

Are you bored of listening to the same old playlists? Then use your commute to discover new artists. Try a new streaming station or make a list of bands you have heard on the radio and quite liked. Spotify does a great new music playlist every week as well as a playlist recommended just for you, based on your listening history - give these a go and enjoy some new tunes.

3. Mix up your route once in a while

If your commute has different available routes, mix it up a bit and drive a different way some days. This can be great for a change of scenery and it might even be a little quicker for you. Taking a quieter route could actually benefit you too, if you have telematics insurance - as using slower roads can help improve your driving score by reducing the chance of you having to brake and accelerate in stop-start traffic..

4. Practice self-care

Your commute may be the only time you have to yourself during the week, so make you a

priority and do something that benefits your mental wellbeing. Try out some breathing exercises to calm yourself and prepare for the day ahead - check out these car based yoga moves to keep you calm on the road.

5. Sit in silence

Maybe you cram too much into every day and never have time for silence. Is your phone always buzzing, music blaring or do you never turn that laptop off? Concentrate on silence for once, and let it just be you and the open road for awhile.

6. Leave earlier

Are you finding yourself rushing in the morning so, by the time you get to work, you’re already stressed out? Give yourself a little extra time and sit down in the mornings, enjoy your breakfast and have coffee. This way, you also might not get stuck in the same traffic every day, which will improve that work journey.

7. Learn on the go

Spend your commute learning something new. Obviously, you can’t start playing an instrument behind the wheel, but you could download a new podcast about a particular subject or even learn a new language on the go. A little each day goes a long way.

8. Give yourself a daily review

Giving yourself a review of the day ahead can save you tonnes of hassle and stress. It will give you mental clarity and the direction you need every day to start your morning off on the right foot. Remember, the purpose of this isn’t to do work, but it is to make sure that you are working on the right priorities and tackling all the important things first.

9. Clean your car regularly

A clean car means a happier driver. Nobody wants to sit in a messy car with bad odours and rubbish littering the footwells. Keeping it clean and tidy will make you feel comfortable and you won’t be confronted with a mess first thing in the morning and immediately after work. Invest in some nice air fresheners, seat covers and cup-hold liners to reduce the mess.

10. Snack smart

Unexpected traffic jams can turn your day sour. To prevent a pre-dinner meltdown, get into the habit of having healthy snacks in your car like apples or unsalted almonds instead of chocolate, sweets and crisps. These can give you something to enjoy while not moving and even stop you feeling sluggish behind the wheel as you get bored.

Interject these tips into your everyday drive and hopefully you can enjoy your everyday commute that little bit more.

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