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WOW World Group Franchisee - Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense, Mini Professors, Reading Fairy & KeepaBeat

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Child/Baby Development Classes
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Posted: 2nd Jul 2019 Closing: 2nd Oct 2019

Working for:
WOW World Group - East Anglia


The Award winning Baby Sensory Franchise programme comprises of over 40 unique, themed sessions for parents and their young babies. It draws on current research, the work of theorists, early year’s experts, and over 30 years of personal experience of founder Lin Day.  

Up to 20 parents and babies attend each Baby Sensory session and the sessions are typically run at a hired venue such as a local community centre or a new WOW Centre.

Baby Sensory Franchise owners promote and run Baby Sensory Infant Development Business classes in their exclusive territory.  Baby Sensory Franchise owners run between 1 and 4 sessions per day and work between 2 and 4 days per week. Thus this is an ideal role for those looking for a rewarding and flexible career

One in every 45 babies born in the UK now attends Baby Sensory Infant Development Business classes every week and classes run in over 400 locations.

In January 2010, the Baby Sensory Franchise launched its follow on programme 'Toddler Sense' and this has had an immediate impact.

There are now over 30 franchisees running the Toddler Sense programme in the UK and this is expected to continue its growth.

We are looking for franchisees to buy their very own business. This is an ideal role for those looking for a rewarding and flexible career running our award-winning classes in your own territory.

Choose from Baby Sensory (birth to 13 months), Toddler Sense (The next stage on from Baby Sensory 13 months to 5 years) Mini Professors (Science fun for 2-5 year olds) Reading Fairy (Our magical new early reading programme for 12 months to 5 years as a follow on from Baby Sensory) or KeepaBeat (our First Aid business) in the following areas:

  • Kings Lynn
  • Norwich
  • Peterborough
  • Great Yarmouth
  • Kettering
  • Huntington
  • Cambridge North
  • Cambridge South
  • Bury St Edmunds
  • Thetford
  • Ipswich
  • Lowestoft

Please email me to find out more about owning your own business.

Investment Required:
You will need approx. £10,000 investment for your territory, training, kit and lesson plans needed to be able to run the classes.

Based at home but running classes approximately 3 days per week. You can run your business term time only. You will spend around 21 hours running classes and 14 hours working from home.

£15,000 - £25,000 per annum after expenses depending how many classes you run and how full the classes are.

Best suited to:
Anyone! But you need to be confident to be centre stage and be very organised.

Finer Details

Type: Self Employed

Working Times:
Set My Own Hours

Working at home or Office:
Home Based

Area: East Anglia

Contact Details

Name: Jooles Paillin /Juliette du Plessis

Telephone: 07967 270295

Website: Visit the Website

Facebook: Visit Page


Mum's view

Name: Jooles Paillin

Location: Nr Nottingham

Family: Single mum with 2 girls 9 & 5

How often do you work?
By the end I was working two days a week teaching and my class leader did two days. I spent time at home prepping the kit, washing, admin, marketing etc. Parties are a great little money earner at weekends too.

How does the job fit around your family life?
I took on Baby Sensory Loughborough in 2014 after attending classes with my youngest Elizabeth. I could work at home a couple of days a week and teach for three days, I then took on Mini Professors and had two class leaders to expand the businesses.

How much time do you commit?
I devoted a lot of time around the kids, so I was there for them after school etc but then could be doing admin after they had gone to bed.

Where do you carry out your work?
I ran in a beautiful brand new village hall which fitted with the WOW World Group look and feel we strive to achieve and I’ve also ran in Tesco Community room, a bowls club, a Bar and Restaurant. I really wanted my own permanent WOW Centre like many other franchisees are doing at the minute which can be beautifully branded up with the wow brands, all padded and super safe and gorgeous for parents and their babies and toddlers.

Do you need a car?
Yes, to transport all the kit plus your own children if necessary.

Do you get support/training?
Yes, you have on the job training to prepare you for two days at HO in Salisbury. Then regular mentor visits and support in the early days. Appraisals are twice a year to make sure every franchise is operating under the same standards. We have a facebook group for all franchisees and class leaders to share tips and ideas, a private whats app group for my team locally and regular monthly calls.

Would you recommend this opportunity to other mums?
I fell in love with the Baby Sensory programme and latterly the Mini Professors programme from my first taster session. It meant I could build something for my self that I was hugely successful at and therefore immensely proud of. I am now Regional Franchisor for a large growing team and I can’t wait to meet you and teach you how it all works.

Do you advertise?
Yes, on Facebook & Instagram, on Netmums, Whats On 4 Kids, hoop as well as poster advertising. Handed out flyers to new mums and made sure that health visitors in the area knew what I did and how powerful the classes can be in terms of helping premature babies, PND, making friends and sharing being a new mum. With Mini Professors we had parents from Baby Sensory, so cross marketing was important.

Are there any downsides to the role?
There is a lot of kit, and I used to have to try and curb my spending as I would always be on the look out for beautiful extras to enhance the kit, especially for the themed weeks. With over 65 different lessons now to build up and collect after your initial first year of 40 that comes with the kit there is a lot to learn and make. But amazing fun!