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The Crèche Fit Family Franchise : Own Your Own Mum & Baby Postnatal Fitness Business

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Posted: 6th Jan 2020 Closing: 6th Apr 2020

Working for:
Crèche Fit


Who Are We?

Founded by mum of one Louise in 2016 when she was 5 months pregnant, Crèche Fit is a mum and baby postnatal exercise class that allows new mums to exercise without the need for childcare as baby comes with them. Offering unique circuit-based, postnatal friendly workouts suited to all levels with a strong emphasis on core restore and pelvic floor post-birth, babies are given the freedom to play on the mats and bouncers provided whilst mum has the time to focus on her health and wellbeing. Something that is all too often neglected in the early postnatal period due to lack of baby-friendly classes and the time pressures of being a new mum.

Why Work With Us?

Are you a mummy with a passion for fitness or for helping other mums (and mums-to-be) get back into exercise and do something for themselves? Perhaps you have a fitness qualification (Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor, Exercise to Music or Pilates / Yoga qualification) and you're looking for an opportunity within a high growth market (pre & postnatal fitness) that you can call your own?

Do you love the idea of being your own boss and being able to take your little one to work, allowing you to save on expensive childcare costs and spend quality time with your baby?

Are you willing to put in the time and commitment to make that idea become a reality, whilst fitting your working hours in around your existing family commitments?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions then our franchise opportunity could be for you.

Investment Required:
£2999 initial investment that includes all necessary training and qualifications to be able to run our classes, all equipment, mats, toys, bouncers needed for the mums and babies, full marketing and advertising materials, your own exclusive territory to run your classes, your own website, email account and social media accounts, access to all class programmes and exercise database plus more!

Flexible to suit you and to fit around family or other work commitments. You can work as little or as many hours as you wish and baby can come with you whilst you work.

Unlimited! Dependent on the number of classes you run, the location and size of the venue and what you charge per class. We will help you visualise your earnings using our easy-to-use earnings calculator but you can expect to take in the region of £17,000 to £37,000 + per annum (gross).

Best suited to:
Motivated, passionate mummies or fitness pros looking for a rewarding career helping new mums get back into fitness and to do something for themselves. Someone who's looking for a fitness opportunity to fit around another job, their family or other personal commitments. Driven individuals keen to own their own family-friendly fitness business with a desire to help other mums.

Finer Details

Type: Self Employed

Working Times:
Set My Own Hours

Working at home or Office:

Area: UK Wide

Contact Details

Name: Louise Wilcockson

Telephone: 07515 165096

Website: Visit the Website

Facebook: Visit Page


Mum's view

Name: Louise

Location: Windsor

Family: Joshua, age 3

How often do you work?
I run 3 classes a week in Windsor and 1 class a week in Maidenhead. Each class last for 45mins plus 30mins for set up and pack up at the end. I'm working for 5hrs per week and before my little boy went to nursery, he would come with me to the classes. This allowed me to return to work earlier for just a few hours a week and allowed me to meet other like-minded mums at the same time. And earn too!

How does the job fit around your family life?
Now my little boy is older, I'm now looking at expanding the business. Our Windsor classes are full and there is still a huge demand for exercise classes that allow mums to bring their babies. I'm looking at two other local areas to bring Crèche Fit to and hope to launch later this year. There is so much potential and scope in what is still a very unsaturated market, I'm excited for the next step!

How much time do you commit?
In the early days (and naps still existed for my son!!) I would commit around 10hrs a week to work on growing the business. Now the business is established and word of mouth is often enough to fill our classes, I have been working an average of 5hrs per week. This will increase as I look to expand the business to other areas but this is my choice and it will still fit around my family.

Where do you carry out your work?
I run the business from home on my laptop and out of the 4 classes a week that I have, I now teach at just one of them. I have been able to take on two instructors and train them to help me run the classes. This leaves me more time to grow the business and work from home, whilst still working the hours I choose. I have a fantastic balance and a great team behind supporting me.

Do you need a car?
I do drive but I could walk if I had to! A car would be vital if you were transporting all the class equipment around but we are fortunate to have a hall with a large storage cupboard so we can keep everything for our classes in here. This saves a lot of time and hassle and was something that was important for me when sourcing a suitable venue.

Would you recommend this opportunity to other mums?
I honestly would. It ticks so many boxes for me. I get to spend time with my son whilst earning a living, I get to meet other mums and help them feel better about themselves and the options are limitless for where I can take the business. This is just the start and I love that I can choose when and for how long I work. It keeps me fit too plus my son is growing up seeing exercise as a good thing!

Do you advertise?
In the early days I would pay for local advertising, mostly on social media and leave flyers in local coffee shops, children's centres, soft plays (where ever local mums would hang out) but now I'm 3yrs in, most of our business comes from Google, Facebook (free adverts in local FB groups) and word of mouth. Plus I find if one mum from the local NCT group comes along, another 2 or 3 soon join her !