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Music Classes for Children
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Posted: 29th Mar 2017 Closing: 29th Jun 2017

Working for:
Rhythm Time


A Rhythm Time business is fun, flexible and fits around your family life. It can be a small, part-time way to add to your family's income or a bigger venture where you employ others.

We're looking for people who are friendly, outgoing, ambitious and organised. You'll also need to have a good singing voice, love music as well as working with babies and toddlers (and further down the road,pre-schoolers!)

Our flexible packages set us apart from our competitors – we cater for those talented individuals who can only make a small investment, as well as those who can invest more for a larger area.

You'll get loads of support! We are founding members of the CAA.


Investment Required:
The price of a Rhythm Time franchise very much depends on the size of the area in which you wish to operate.

Prices start from £7,500 plus VAT. For this minimal investment you can gain great rewards. You will be provided with an exclusive territory, and one of the most comprehensive franchise packages on the market today.

This really does depend on you and how much you want to put into the business.

Naturally, the more hours you put in, the more successful your business is, and the more rewards you reap!

In addition to the time you spend teaching the music classes, you will also need to spend valuable time marketing your classes in order increase the number of children attending.

This really does depend on what you put in. We can provide more detailed information on earnings potential further down the application process. Needless to say, we will provide you with a high level of support to help you build a successful business. PLUS, we've achieved the 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award 2016 so you know you're joining a business that fully supports its franchisees.

Best suited to:

You’ll need to:

  • Enjoy working with young children
  • Have a love of music
  • Have a confident singing voice
  • Have a lively, enthusiastic personality
  • Are reliable and organised
  • Have commitment
  • Plus, you'll enjoy being part of a highly reputable and award-winning Company!

    Finer Details

    Type: Self Employed

    Working Times:
    During School Hours

    Working at home or Office:
    Out and About

    Area: UK Wide

    Contact Details

    Name: Kathy Doolan

    Telephone: 0121 711 4224

    E-mail: Send a Message

    Website: Visit the Website

    Facebook: Visit Page

    Twitter: Visit Page

    Mum's view

    Name: Rachel Turner

    Location: Leamington

    Family: Married with two children, aged 5 & 7

    How often do you work?
    I teach classes 4 mornings, until either 1.30 or 12pm. I  spend from 2-5 hours a day doing admin, accounts, marketing and booking in customers. I have over 300 children a week so it is a fairly big franchise.

    How does the job fit around your family life?
    My children are actively involved in my job! We drop off the instruments and set up for classes then I take them to school, returning to start classes at 9.30am. I teach classes 4 mornings, so am always there to pick hem up form the school run. I do office work and tasks in the afternoon, after our tea and once they are in bed.

    How much time do you commit?
    It is approximately 20 hours teaching and between 20-30 hours a week on other things related to the business.

    Where do you carry out your work?

    Do you need a car?
    Yes I have a lot of kit, instruments, hoops, and a maypole some weeks so a car is essential.

    Do you get support/training?
    Yes, I received lots of support and training from HQ including how to teach good classes. I receive ongoing support as and when I need it.

    Would you recommend this opportunity to other mums?
    I would recommend this to other parents, it definitely fits around a family life and is god fun with small children who love learning all the songs and rhymes!!

    Do you advertise?
    I advertise in lots of local family type magazines, with the NCT, Mum Knows Best Warwickshire. Then use Facebook and twitter to advertise and network.

    Are there any downsides to the role?
    As it is my own business it is tricky to switch off and if I am doing birthday parties and events I work at the weekends, which is my own decision.