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Natal Family Antenatal Teacher, First Aid Trainer & Baby Massage Practitioner

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Posted: 25th Apr 2018 Closing: 24th Jun 2018

Working for:
The Natal Family


The Natal Family offers accredited teacher training to run our MummyNatal and/or BabyNatal classes in your own area. Being part of our family offers you the opportunity to support and empower parents on their parenting journeys, with all of the benfits of being self-employed and being part of an amazing family of Practitioners.

You can train as:

  • a FEDANT accredited antenatal teacher, running MummyNatal mindfulness & birth ball exercise courses, our BabyNatal Practical Care classes, or our Natal Birth workshops for mum and birth partner(s).
  • an accredited AoFA Pediatric First Aid trainer, teaching parents what to do in an emergency first aid situation.
  • a FEDANT accredited Baby Class leader, offering developmental baby massage and sensory play classes from birth - 8 months.

Investment Required:
Joining The Natal Family as a teacher starts at £1295.00and includes:

  • All your training, manuals & assessments
  • An exclusive teaching area
  • Annual CPD, membership of the practitioners online forum, and ongoing teacher mentoring
  • Use of a basic teaching kit
  • Marketing & Social Media Support
  • A Natal email address and profile on our website

    Flexible depending on how much you wish to work. There are no minimum/maximum limits.

    Whatever you want it to be, depending on how many classes you want to teach. You will be awarded FEDANT accredited status on successful completion of the training, therefore able to offer your classes to your local PCT, Childrens Centres or Hospitals supporting their parentcraft programmes

    Best suited to:
    Mums who are looking for a family-friendly opportunity! You must be a parent yourself, have an empowering & non-judgmental approach towards other parents, and be passionate about supporting other expectant and/or new parents.

    Our Founders have two published books 'The Expectant Dad's Handbook' and 'The His and Hers Guide to Pregnancy & Birth'.

  • Finer Details

    Type: Self Employed

    Working Times:
    Set My Own Hours

    Working at home or Office:
    Out and About

    Area: South East

    Contact Details

    Name: Amanda Bryant & Sharon Johnson - Directors of The Natal Family Training School

    Website: Visit the Website

    Facebook: Visit Page


    Mum's view

    Name: Jenni Warbrick

    Location: Leeds

    Family: Husband, son aged 5 and expecting 2nd baby, due August

    How often do you work?
    Varies week by week! Sometimes I can be teaching a workshop every day, other weeks I may only have one, or have chosen not to teach at all e.g. school holidays, so that I can spend time with my son and family. That’s one of the best bits of this role – it is completely flexible and I can choose how much or how little I want to work.

    How does the job fit around your family life?
    It fits really well around my family – before my little boy started school, I taught mainly in the evenings and weekends so that I could spend time with him during the week, then my husband would spend time with him whilst I was working. Now he is at school I have enjoyed teaching more workshops during the week, meaning we have more time together as a family at the weekend.

    How much time do you commit?
    Every week is different depending on what classes I have coming up that week or the need to spend time promoting my classes or replying to enquiries. Some times of the year are busier than others – with summer and Christmas being much quieter than January and September (the busy months!). I probably spend half of my week working and the other half being a mum or taking a bit of time out for myself

    Where do you carry out your work?
    I do most of my admin at home during the day when my son is at school, and also find I check emails and updates on the go when I’m out and about, so that I can respond to enquiries as quickly as possible. I teach my classes at a variety of venues across Leeds and Bradford. My most popular classes are private classes in people’s homes, which takes me far and wide across the region.

    Do you need a car?
    Yes – I travel all over the region both to venues for group workshops and to people’s house for private classes. I wouldn’t be able to manage without my car!

    Do you get support/training?
    Yes – a lot! From the initial training days when first joining the business to CPD (Continuous Professional Development) days each year. Support is always available from the Training team either by email, phone call, face to face catchups or via the teachers facebook group. In addition, the other teachers are always there to chat through an idea or concern I may have.

    Would you recommend this opportunity to other mums?
    Absolutely! This role has given me the flexibility I wanted when I quit my old job to become a self-employed mum. I have the work-life balance I hoped for – I can earn my own money and contribute to all the things we need as a family, but I also have time to be there for my son when I need or want to. Mums can choose to grow their business as big as they want to!

    Do you advertise?
    I advertise a little and promote a lot! I try to spend very little on advertising – I have chosen not to pay for adverts in magazines or websites, because the few times that I have done this in the past has not been cost effective. Instead I promote my workshops in Facebook groups and use a very small budget to boost my Facebook posts to a target audience in my area instead. I do print flyers.

    Are there any downsides to the role?
    Being self-employed can be quite a lonely role, despite meeting lots of parents on a weekly basis in my workshops. I find it’s important to keep in regular contact with the other teachers, who understand just what it’s like to be a teacher with The Natal Family; and also attend other local networking events to meet other self-employed people who want to meet up, talk & share experiences