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Posted: 1st Feb 2020 Closing: 2nd Jun 2020

Working for:
Sassi Gifts UK


Are you looking for a role with flexible working hours running your own business, where you are in charge of the hours you work and you are not expected to hit targets!

Sassi Gifts was formed in 2012 by Sandra Samra who is an ex nurse and could see an opportunity to supply a unique mobile gift service to residential homes and sheltered housing. As well as providing this service to the care and sheltered housing industry, you can also offer home parties and attend fetes / events. As we do not have the overheads of a shop we are able to offer affordable gift items to our clients whilst making good profits. Due to many care home groups contacting us to supply our service into their homes we are now expanding our growing team. This role suits people who need to work school hours or flexible hours - you can control your own diary, decide the hours you want to work, go on holiday when it suits you and not have to work to any targets!

To succeed in this business you need to be ambitious and driven, wanting to earn an excellent return for working as many hours as you choose. Developing your area will take some work by calling care homes, emailing, letter writing and use of social media to spread the word of your business and we are on hand with training packs, templates and marketing, as well as being on hand 7 days a week for any support or guidance you might need. We also have a closed group Facebook page that our franchises can join to share ideas, best sellers and great successes they have experienced.

You will find the homes will rebook you as they enjoy the service so much. We only let one person per agreed area so you will not have competition from another Sassi Gifts seller.

The joy of joining Sassi Gifts is the fact you are providing a service which brings a smile to not just the residents of the care homes and sheltered housing but the staff who also enjoy the great priced gifts.

Investment Required:
The admin fee to set up your franchise is £99 with a monthly charge of £52 which offers you full support 7 days a week. You can start your stock levels off with as little as £150. All the items you buy and then sell on for a profit are yours to keep.

Flexible based on what you want to work, we find most franchises work 4 to 5 hour long sales per week. You need to arrive 30 mins before your agreed sale time to set up and then once you have finished the sale (approx. 1 hour) you pack up and go home. YOU book your own sale dates and times.

You can double your money with the products we sell - earnings are unlimited! The more sales you do the more you earn, with most of our franchises earning on average between £20 & £50 profit per sale which tend to be 1 hour long - not a bad return for one hours work!

Best suited to:
People needing to work around school hours or those who need flexibility on working hours in general. Must be someone who wants to develop a business. Car owners.

Finer Details

Type: Self Employed

Working Times:
Flexible working hours

Working at home or Office:
Out and About

Area: Bristol

Contact Details

Name: Sandra Samra

Telephone: 07715 525416

Website: Visit the Website

Facebook: Visit Page


Mum's view

Name: Justine

Location: North Wiltshire

Family: 2 kids, a dog...and a husband!

How often do you work?
Generally term time. For Homes I will visit either 10:30-11:30, 11am/12pm and/or 1:30/2:30. For a corporate location I may visit 9:30/2:30. In January I worked on 5 days in total but for March I have 4/5 visits per week. Last November I worked 19 days without a day off with up to 3 visits per day (including evenings!) It was a bit crazy but was totally my choice and meant I made plenty of money.

How does the job fit around your family life?
My husband works away a lot so this job fits around school hours and gives me contact with people, a decent income and a bit of a challenge! It's such a great feeling when people tell me they love what they have bought from me, and return to buy other items! I revisit every 3 months and have built some great relationships with customers who I now regards as friends.

How much time do you commit?
I arrive 30 minutes before a sale, am there for an hour (or longer for businesses) and then take under half an hour to pack away. In addition I spend time sending out posters via email in advance of my visits. At the beginning I needed to book appointments too but I now try and book whilst I am with the client and book up to a year in advance!

Where do you carry out your work?
I visit a wide range of locations including Residential Homes, Sheltered Housing, large Corporate Offices, Church Fetes, Christmas/Easter/Summer events - it's up to me where I choose to go. Also, there are no competitors in my area, as agreed when I bought in to my franchise. We get great support and our purchasing power is highly beneficial as part of Sassi Gifts.

Do you need a car?
Most definitely! I carry my stock in two large wheeled bags and up to 2 laundry bags. I would look daft on a bus!

Do you get support/training?
Each week we receive an email giving advice and support from Sandra and Tina. These are very motivational and relevant. When I joined I received a training pack with ideas on how to write letters, create my poster and how to approach potential customers. This helped me to develop my confidence and my own style then evolved. I only need to email or phone and they will both support me as needed.

Would you recommend this opportunity to other mums?
Most definitely! In fact a good friend of mine has recently joined as she has moved to a new area and wants to get out and about meeting people. I am sure she will enjoy it as much as I do!

Do you advertise?
Rarely. I do have a Facebook page and I know that as a company our details are printed on a yearly wall planner which is sent to all Care Homes in the U.K. I find that I'm able to fill my diary as much as I need by phoning/meeting potential customers and by having regular customers. We provide a free service which is beneficial to residents/staff/visitors and our customers really appreciate it!

Are there any downsides to the role?
I do have to be self-motivated, although I do know support is available if I need it. At the end of the day I have my own business so really it is down to me to be as successful as I want to be. Prior to joining, I worked as a Teaching Assistant and I am so much better paid now, yet still have all the holidays off and fit around my children.