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Phonics Bear Franchisee - Class Leader

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Posted: 16th Jan 2019 Closing: 16th May 2019

Working for:
Phonics Bear


If you are looking for a new challenge in 2019 then we may have the opportunity you are looking for. 

Phonics Bear is a franchise business you can run from your own home, in your own location (subject to availability) providing award-winning Phonics Classes in private nurseries and local community groups.  Our classes are aimed at 2-5-year-olds and are high energy, action-packed and fun.  We prepare preschool children for the high demands of reception by introducing them to letters and sounds whilst building other school skills such as confidence, listening, team working and all round Superkid skills.  Our classes are five star as judged by parents, nurseries and local schools for making an amazing difference to children’s school entry level whilst being fun and the highlight of our children’s week. 

Our franchisees feel rewarded every day in their role.  They are free to choose their own working hours and be the boss of their own earnings to match their hard work and ambition.  Most of our franchisees work school hours, term time only to maintain their work-life balance.  Some of our franchisees are former teachers but this is not essential although a love of working with children is a must. 

We understand that as a business we need our franchisees to succeed in order for us to all succeed and therefore our support is ongoing and flexible to suit your own personal needs and stage of your business.  Our franchisees also benefit from having the full support of our experienced and friendly team who can give as little or as much support as needed. 

There has never been a more exciting time to join our business as we launch two new products this year Baby Bears and Slime Squad.  So if you want to be part of a fun, fast growing, award winning team then we can’t wait to hear from you.  Email us today or take a look at our web site to find out more. 


Investment Required:
Our franchise fee is low £3,995.00. There is help and support through the Government Funded Start Up fund which can be obtained from as little as £100.00 per month. Our franchise fee includes our comprehensive training and £1,000.00 worth of resources to get you started.

Franchisees choose their own hours to fit with their own commitments and ambition.

Our franchisees earn £25.00 + per hour. Earnings are completely dependent on hours worked but on the basis of working four mornings per week term time and a few holiday clubs, franchisees can expect to earn between £12,000.00- £25,000.00 per annum.

Best suited to:
Running your own Phonics Bear franchise enables you to take control of your working life and your income.

Finer Details

Type: Self Employed

Working Times:
Flexible working hours

Working at home or Office:
Out and About

Area: UK Wide

Contact Details

Name: Annette Firth

Website: Visit the Website

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Mum's view

Name: Katie Pask

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Family: Partner Dave, Daughter Summer and Son Xander

How often do you work?
I wanted to ease myself in gently so I started with three mornings per week, to get used to the classes and my new role. Now I am more confident I am going to increase my hours to five mornings per week to save for a well-earned family holiday. I especially like that I can alter my working hours each term to enable me to book a special time away with my family or give myself a well-earned treat.

How does the job fit around your family life?
I plan my own working hours each week around the school run and my other commitments. My hours are completely flexible and so if something pops up like my daughter’s nativity in December I can just shuffle my classes around so that I don’t need to miss any special moments.

How much time do you commit?
Running my own business and being the boss means I am always thinking of new ideas. I also put aside some time for planning, but as all my classes run on the same cycle one set of planning applies to all my classes that week. I love my job and seeing the children learning and enjoying what they are doing, it is such a rewarding feeling.

Where do you carry out your work?
I work in a variety of places including family-friendly organisations where customers can come and have a relax with a cup of tea during class. I also run classes in local nurseries. When I am in the nursery I have the full support of the nursery staff who treat me like one of the team.

Do you need a car?
Yes, there are quite a few resources needed and therefore you do need a car. However I only have a small family car, so it doesn’t need to be a big one!

Do you get support/training?
Yes, the Phonics Bear team are so committed and helpful. It is lovely to be part of such an amazing team and we regularly catch up via our own network chat. I know that if I need to speak to someone, even if just to let them how I got on their will always be someone at the end of the phone.

Would you recommend this opportunity to other mums?
Yes absolutely! Running your own business is a challenge but it is also very rewarding. Especially when we receive amazing reviews from parents or hear feedback from nursery at how much the children love their phonics classes and can’t wait for Phonics Bear day! It makes my day knowing that our little customers are so happy and that is down to me.

Do you advertise?
Each week at Phonics Bear we use social media so that parents can see the range of activities we run together with lovely photographs of the children. We also attend local events which is a great way to meet new families and let them know what we are doing.

Are there any downsides to the role?
As with anything sometimes you may hit a problem and feel you need some help. However, the Phonics Bear team are very supportive and are available around the clock to answer any questions and help me to work through any queries I may have. Overall I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world.