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Posted: 21st May 2018 Closing: 20th Aug 2018

Working for:
Children Inspired by Yoga (Tatty Bumpkin)


You don’t need any experience of yoga to join our team - start your yoga adventure with us!

Get that elusive work-life balance...
With a CIBY franchise, you can build your own business to suit your family life. We’ll give you the tools and training you need to run our yoga-inspired classes yourself.

What is a CIBY franchise?
When you buy a CIBY franchise, you buy a licence to manage and run our yoga-inspired movement programme through your own business.

It’s easy to expand.
You could earn an average of £60 per class working by yourself. But you can hire freelance teachers to run classes as well. That’s more working hours and more income for your business. You can even work less but still earn more.

It’s a significant but profitable investment.
The more work you put in to growing your business, the more profit you’ll make when you choose sell it on.

It’s a business in a box.
When you buy our franchise, we give you everything you need to get your business up and running straightaway. That includes the benefit of our 14 years’ experience and knowledge.

Why Children Inspired by Yoga?

  • Flexible hours – be there for your family
  • Mobile working
  • A ready-made business
  • Great earning potential
  • Potential profit on your investment – reward for your hard work
  • Tools, advice and support from us and other franchisees
  • Accredited yoga and business training
  • Equipment and resources
  • Help with marketing

Watch the WORK WITH US video below to find out more and hear from our franchisees.


Investment Required:
A territory of approx 20,000 children 0 - 7 years costs £10,000+VAT. Most franchisees make this back over the first year, and this should be considered an investment, as a franchise can then be sold in the future. Approximate set-up costs and working capital £1,000+VAT (excluding franchisee drawings).

Working hours vary depending on class and party times, but are flexible around family life and other commitments. A minimum of 20-30 hours is required to make a success of the business. You can expect to earn anything from £1000-£5000 per month and more depending on your circumstances.

As we are accredited by the BFA (British Franchise Association) our figures and claims must be validated, so we ask that you attend a Discovery Day to find out about the possibilities open to your personal situation.

Best suited to:

  • Someone who enjoys a challenge, is sociable & wants to enjoy their career
  • A person who enjoys learning & gaining new skills
  • A self-motivated, well organised person who can manage their time effectively
  • A person who is hard working & ambitious
  • Someone with the desire to create a better work/life balance
  • Someone able to work a minimum of 20-30 hours per week

  • Finer Details

    Type: Self Employed

    Working Times:
    Set My Own Hours

    Working at home or Office:
    Home Based

    Area: UK Wide

    Contact Details

    Name: Sam Petter

    Telephone: 01732812212

    Website: Visit the Website

    Facebook: Visit Page

    Twitter: Visit Page


    Mum's view

    Name: Zoe Patmore

    Location: Oxford

    Family: Husband , two children and a beagle

    How often do you work?
    I either teach or work on the admin side of the business every day during the week , during school hours. Sometimes there is additional work such as a party at the weekend or maybe extra admin such as invoicing or a marketing campaign.

    How does the job fit around your family life?
    I have been able to run my franchise around my childrens school day and holidays. With a husband who works away regularly and a lack of family close by it has been imperative that I have been "present" as much as possible. A typical day involves the school run , morning /early afternoon classes followed by a dog walk and then school pick up!.

    How much time do you commit?
    I commit my time between 9.30 - 3.00pm Mon- Fri. This will vary depending on how many teachers you have and also how you can scale the size of the business in accordance to your family life demands.

    Where do you carry out your work?
    My classes can be held in local halls, children's nurseries and schools. Parties are generally held in a local village hall or clients home.

    Do you need a car?
    Generally yes. You do have to move a bag with yoga mats and music,props etc. I do have a teacher though who buses to all her classes and manages quite nicely!

    Do you get support/training?
    Support is ongoing from day one when you first make an enquiry! Once you invest in the franchise there is a structured setup process to support you as you establish the business and then begin to develop it.Additional training modules are available once you have consolidated your initial training courses in Tatty & Baby Bumpkin.

    Would you recommend this opportunity to other mums?
    I have been able to run a business which I am very proud of around my very hectic family life. I deliver a service which is respected and which I know has a real purposes and gives a sense of achievement to all who come into contact with it. It contributes financially as a household and I am investing in something which has a future value to sell , should I decide to do that in the future.

    Do you advertise?
    Thanks to our in house CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system we are able to run structured and measurable campaigns whenever required. With a wide range of media advertising materials available digitally you are able as a franchise to scale your marketing activity as required.

    Are there any downsides to the role?
    Running your own business means it can be hard at times to switch off , but the fact that you are building something yourself far outweighs this.