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How DOES she do it?! Is a community both online and face-to-face for busy mums who run their own busineses, to support, encourage, share and inspire.

How DOES she do it?! came from two places; firstly, Jo found herself constantly wondering How DOES she do it?! when she met with clients and connections, so wanted to start highlighting this wonderment and asking the question out loud whilst helping these busy women realise that they are achieving so so much!!! 

Secondly, and just as importantly it came from a realisation that Jo came to, quite early on in running her business, Wrapped Up Admin.  Whilst running your own business has so many positives, there are also plenty of challenges; an observation based upon her own personal experience but also from that of her clients too.

Having reached 100 members in the first few days, Jo now has a network of almost 900 women. 

Job of the Week

Swimkidz Franchise Ltd

Location: UK Wide

Would you like to teach a lifesaving skill to babies, toddlers and children?

At Swimkidz we offer you the opportunity to take parents and babies through their swimming journey from pre-birth...
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