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This month we talk to Sally Murphy, Founder of KiddleydiveySally Murphy Kiddleydivey

Hi Sally, tell us all about yourself and what you do!

I’m Sally Murphy and I am the founder of Kiddleydivey.

I started Kiddleydivey over 21 years ago when I was looking for a business that I could work around my growing and busy family life.  Coming from a background of music therapy and teaching, I decided to use these skills to start my own business to develop and provide entertaining, educational and therapeutic music classes and sessions to preschool children, the elderly, and people with special needs.

There is now a huge demand for our motivational form of educational and therapeutic music sessions in the UK, which is why I decided – three years ago, to offer franchises to motivated people who could also use the Kiddleydivey approach to improve the quality of lives for the elderly and those with special needs as well as provide inspiring and educational classes for little ones.  We offer three franchise options, one to work with children, one to work with the elderly and special needs, or a franchise that offers the combination of both.

What makes Kiddleydivey so successful?

I have developed and evolved the music sessions and teaching programmes, over many years using my knowledge and experience and, also with the help of a doctor of musicology who is now also one of my franchisees.  I have also written and composed the original songs that we use with the childrens’ programmes and some key ones we use with adults with special needs.

We have developed a comprehensive training programme for all of our franchisees and, tailor this to individual requirements based on the skills our franchisees already possess.  Our franchise pack is comprehensive and provides everything you, as a new franchisee needs to know to get your business off the ground and up and running as quickly and successfully as possible.  We provide further training and support and this will continue to be available to you once you’ve launched your business.  We also provide comprehensive telephone and email support so that you can contact us when you’re out and about if you need advice or guidance.  With Kiddleydivey you’re never left on your own.

Who would make the perfect Kiddleydivey franchisee?

We are looking for lively, confident and engaging people who have a great sense of fun! The ability to sing is important and good organisational skills are essential. A  friendly personality and hard working attitude are the most important attributes, most other things we can train and provide support on to achieve success.

What are the benefits of being a Kiddleydivey Franchisee?

Owning the Kiddleydivey franchise allows you to work around your own schedule.  Whilst we expect you to operate your franchise as a full time business, you are in charge of your own bookings and diary, the hours are flexible.  We agree your area based on your plans for your business.

For all ages, music promotes movement, activity and socialisation. These elements are so important in improving the quality of life for the elderly and vulnerable people. Music has a huge impact on assisting the elderly, and those suffering dementia with memory recall and, is equally as important in the growth and development of children as they learn to explore their environment and socialisation.  

Kiddleydivey helps you to develop and enhance your existing skills to build a profitable and rewarding future.

Who’s typically suited to being a Kiddleydivey Franchisee

You may have experience working with children or with the elderly already, you may have had a music based background – whilst these are desirable qualities, they are not essential.  What is so important is that you are a motivated, enthusiastic, confident person who wants to make a positive difference to the quality of life of others or that you want to help young children develop and learn in a fun way whilst at the same time developing your own business.

What training and support is available?

Our initial training programme is designed to be held over three or 4 days depending on whether you are buying on or both franchises.  As part of this, you will firstly observe, practice and then take part in deliveries to clients and service users under the mentorship of one of our experienced training team members.  You will receive training in administration processes, accounting, marketing and sales support both face to face and telephone based.  You will receive additional training relevant to your franchise – for example dementia awareness if working with the elderly.

We would expect you to work ‘full time’ on your franchise.  The hours are flexible though…. You will be managing your own diary and commitments so you would work the franchise around your own requirements.  Normally, our sessions are at hours to suit between 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. but of course, this is up to you and your franchise….

If you are working with young children you will want to engage with children in nurseries and preschools so you would be working within normal school term times.  Many nurseries also operate in school holidays and of course you may wish to offer open community based classes and groups which you can also run though holiday periods.

If you are working with the elderly in care settings you might expect to be delivering in care homes or community based groups  normally between the hours of 10.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. although some care homes are happy to have us in outside those hours.  

If you have both franchises you would obviously manage your time between your clients and, you can of course work at weekends if you wished to – in care settings and, delivering childrens’ party sessions

What would be the number one bit of advice you would give a mum who is looking to become part of a bigger business?

There are several I would want to consider….

  1. Talk to franchisees that are already with the company you want to join – we are more than happy for you to do this and, can of course put you in touch with them.
  2. Research the customer base in your area – check the potential and realistic business opportunities – we can supply you wish all the information you need to check this
  3. Experience before you buy – we are happy for you to come out with us (subject to approval from clients) so that you can see first hand what we do.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more information by

Visiting our website – www.kiddleydivey.co.uk

Emailing us on info@kiddleydivey.co.uk

Giving us a call on 07740 679054

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