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This month, we talk to Theresa Nicholson, founder and director of Nemo Swimming

What was the inspiration behind your decision to start Nemo Swimming

I started Nemo Swimming in 2009 when my little boy was just three years old. I wanted something that a lot of mums are trying to find – a flexible work-life balance. It wasn’t just my needs that drove me, though. I’d been taking my son swimming since he was a baby, and I’d spent the last few years working as a swimming instructor. When he turned three, it hit me how little there was out there in terms of swimming lessons that truly met the needs of this age group. I really felt that there was this huge gap in the market, so I set up Nemo Swimming to address it.

What does the Nemo Swimming business look like today?

We’ve experienced incredible growth over the last nine years, and we have had a lot of fun along the way! We started off delivering swimming lessons for children aged between three and four years old, and we now offer fun, rewarding, and age-specific classes for children from new-born all the way up to 12 years old.

The demand for children’s swimming lessons continues to increase, and we are actively looking for enthusiastic franchisees to join our team and help us take the Nemo Swimming brand UK-wide. I’m so excited about expanding our franchise network, and I really believe that we can offer mums an unmissable opportunity to build their own profitable business around the needs of their family.

What makes Nemo Swimming so successful?

The Nemo Swimming Journey is what makes Nemo Swimming stand out from the other swimming providers out there, and it’s one of the many things that makes us so successful. From baby, to toddler, pre-schooler and beyond, the Nemo Swimming Journey – our bespoke learning programme - provides a unique pathway that reflects how children develop and learn. By considering the specific milestones that children should be working towards within each age group, we ensure that our Nemo Swimming lessons are meaningful, effective, and that we deliver the very best service to our swimmers. This approach has also resulted in our swimmers’ ability being noted as above average for their age group – that’s pretty amazing!

Why join the Nemo Swimming family as a franchisee?

Nemo Swimming continues to go from strength to strength – it really is a business that works! We’ve got an established customer base, enjoy an excellent reputation in the areas in which we operate, and have an amazing team behind us. That team have helped us to develop unique learning programmes, and highly effective systems and processes, all of which help our franchisees to dive right in and build a very successful swimming business.

The structure of our lesson programme means that Nemo Swimming franchisees can look forward to growth through repeat business and referrals. Even in a highly competitive children’s swimming market, our classes remain popular and get fantastic reviews from our little Nemos and their parents.

We’ve developed a wealth of experience over the last nine years. When it comes to swimming lessons for babies, toddlers, and young children, we know what works… and what doesn’t. On top of this, we’ve got many years of experience running a successful business. I’m so excited about being able to share this knowledge, experience, and expertise with Nemo Swimming franchisees!

What sort of person are you looking for?

Let me start by saying that you do not need to have a swimming qualification to become a Nemo Swimming franchisee; it’s more important to us that you are friendly, positive, and enjoy working with young children. We will help you to become qualified through the Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA), and you will also receive top-class training from the Nemo Swimming team.

Finally, what three tips would you give for any mum (or dad) thinking of starting their own business?

  1. Be in business for yourself, not by yourself – but always look after yourself! Listen to your own needs, and don’t short change yourself by denying yourself that essential ‘me time’ that you need
  2. Base your business on your passions; this way, you will be able to better listen to what your business needs, allowing it to grow organically.
  3. Realise that you don’t have to be – nor can you be – amazing at everything. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my team behind me, and I am very grateful for everything that they do for me, and for Nemo Swimming.

Interested in becoming a Nemo Swimming franchisee?

If you’d like to find out more about joining the Nemo Swimming family as a franchisee, why not give us a call on 0191 281 7678, or drop us an email at joinus@nemoswimming.co.uk


Happy swimming!

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