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My name is Portia Oliver and I work with people of all ages to enhance their lives. I discovered through my own experiences how yoga, mindset, breathing exercises and energy consciousness can help people turn their life around. Whether working on self healing, personal empowerment, relaxation or emotional wellbeing, the techniques I teach help anyone in any aspect of their life.

I went on my own journey 9yrs ago. I had two small children and found myself in a very dark and lonely place. I suffered from bankruptcy, depression and large amounts of regret. This is when I realised I needed to make a change. I started practicing yoga and changed how I talked to myself. I not only self healed, but I also found inner peace, I fell in love with myself again. Many of the things in my life that have changed,

I did not even know were a problem. It was with this new sense of self, I opened to a whole new way of being and understanding myself. People started hearing about my transition and the more I shared, the more I realised others were suffering too. I qualified as a teacher and have now been coaching for the last 3 years.

The more people I helped the more news started to spread about my work. I have been so lucky to work in an industry that is getting more recognition every day. I put a lot of my success down to my real love for others. Years ago I was someone that hid myself away from people and was scared to be vulnerable, I had suffered bullying as a child and had built up my defences. Once I recognised this fear, I was able to work on opening myself up and showing myself to people for who I really was. The more I have let this barrier down, the more people have come into my life and helped me grow.

I absolutely love my job, I love watching people change and let go of what has held them back. I love how my clients go on to become friends and how we all become part of something so much bigger than just ourselves. Life can sometimes feel lonely, so having likeminded people around you to share and talk with is essential. My experience working with others has also helped my own growth, I will forever be a student.

As a mum returning to work I didn’t think about any time for myself. I knew my responsibilities and that’s what I focused on. A tidy house, dinner on the table, happy children in bed by a certain time and earning an income. All this pressure was so unnecessary and when it all fell apart that is when I realised this. The most important part was actually me! I needed to have time for myself, I needed to prioritise myself. If I was happy then everyone would be happy. My children didn’t need a spotless house, they wanted love and smiles. having a healthy diet didn’t need to be endless hours cooking, things could be prepared in advance. So I started to make time for me before my family even got up in the morning, 5.30am I would fall out of bed and get on my yoga mat. It didn’t matter how long I got on the mat, but it gave me time for me. On days when 5.30am wasn’t going to work, I would take a lunch break or go to bed later, making time for me became a priority.

As a mother that now runs my own business, I have to find time to prioritise everything. My family, my clients, my dogs and time for myself. It is very easy to get swept along in the outside world of pressures and expectations, but when we really think about what we need in our lives, it is a balance of both life and our work. My best advice to anyone setting out as a working mother would be to not put too much pressure on yourself and learn ways of dealing with difficult times.

If you'd like to find out more please visit www.portiaoliver.com

info@portiaoliver.co.uk | 07950 741848


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