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This month we've caught up with Vicki King from Snowglobals International

Tell us a bit about yourself Vicki

I'd wanted to be a mum for a long time that when I became pregnant I knew I didn't want to continue working in the corporate world so decided to take a break and have a think about what I wanted to do going forward. I decided I still wanted a career but one that didn't compromise my time with my daughter, I wanted to have complete flexibility and be proud of what I did. I started looking around and all I came across was opportunities that either didn't sit right with me or they were not going to pay me the income I felt I was worth or give me the true flexibility I was looking for. I then came across a small advert locally, gave the lady a call who shared some information about the opportunity and I immediately wanted to find out more and that was 11 years ago!

My daughter is 11 and my son is 7, I've been the mum at the school gates everyday, the mum at all the events including school trips and all the little milestones they've gone through. I've been able to do this whilst building an incredible business where I choose when and who I work with part time. I don't have to worry about the school holidays, sick days and inset days. I've been able to travel to many different countries paid for by the company for just helping others to succeed. The highlight was last year when I travelled to South Africa and went on safari, an experience I'll never forget.

How much will it cost to get started?

It costs nothing to find out.

It really depends on what you want to earn and how quickly you want to get started and work. To register to become a forever business owner it's FREE but of course as with any business you need your toolkit which in this case is some products. By getting started with the pack the company has put together with the top 17 of the fastest moving products for you to be able to start using them and recommending . They are products you would typically buy every month, daily care and skincare. This is heavily discounted at £199.75 with everything you need to get started. There are other options too but we can discuss those when we talk.

There are other ways to get started that we can discuss when we talk

What support and training is there? 

We have the Investors in People gold accreditation so the training and support is second to none, as soon as you start with us we start coaching  and mentoring you at the pace that's right for you. Most people who start with us are very busy either with family commitments, work commitments or both so it really is designed to shrink wrap around your life.

What are the hours?

This is your choice, when I started I was only working 5-10 hours a week because I was fitting it around my 8 month old daughter but as time went on I increased my hours and now my children are at school I work approx 25-30 hours a week in term time and about 10-15 in the holidays. It's your choice.

What's the earning potential?

Everyone who starts working with us will have different wants and needs and we will work with you individually to achieve them. You can with dedicated work become financially free within 2-5 years if you work the plan consistently. 

Incomes do range from a few hundred to a few thousand a month.

There are lots of extras too including travel, car programme and a share of the company's turnover. 

By working closely with us and following our 40 year proven plan you can become financially free within 2-5 years

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