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LCF Pupils

New website makes learning languages even more fun!

Learning of a second language has tremendous educational benefits for children. Studies have shown that students who learn another language have improved overall school performance, increased creativity and are better at solving complex problems. In fact, students who averaged four or more years of foreign language study scored higher on the verbal section of the SAT than those who studied four or more years in any other subject.

LCF (Le Club Francais and El Club Espanol) teach 50,000 children every week in after school clubs or as part of the school curriculum and also in nurseries. The atmosphere during the sessions is informal and fun. Children are not inhibited and learn the foreign language among a group of friends. They interact naturally and gain confidence in a relaxed environment that provides a "purpose" for communication. Sessions (normally 1 hour) are engaging with varied activities involving:

  • active and lively songs and rhymes
  • traditional folktales or original stories
  • simple games that become more challenging as they get older
  • drama and role-play with props
  • crafts

Very young children absorb the language easily especially when it is a regular multi-sensory experience. They naturally mimic back what they hear and see. When this is done in group, it becomes a lifting and fun chorus boosting their confidence and appealing to their sense of humour - and sense of belonging.

Babelzone - the new website

The company have recently launched their new interactive website Babelzone which introduces children to a range of vocabulary, using sound recognition, matching games, stories as well as standard listening and repeating activities. The site is packed with hundreds of stories, animated songs, games and printable activities organised in clear and practical units. Children will quickly see improvements and results in their learning leading to a great sense of achievement.

Work with LCF

LCF are now recruiting new teachers to join their fantastic team. Below South London teacher Lorrinae Knopek explains why being an LCF licensee is so brilliant:

"I have been running clubs for over 14 years so some of the young people who first came to me at the age of 5 have not only left primary school but left school altogether. I see many ex-club members when I'm out and about and I bumped into one young man this summer who was delighted to tell me that he had just been awarded a grade A in his A-level French. I met a young lady who was proud to tell me that she is studying both French and Japanese at A-level, but the icing on the cake was when a young waitress who served me in a local restaurant turned out to be one of my very first pupils who was home for the summer after completing her first year of a French/Spanish degree at Manchester University. In each of these cases, and others too numerous to mention, the young people thanked me for inspiring them to learn other languages and for getting them off to a good start in French. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is for me personally to know that what I do works."

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