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This month we talk to Louise Lloyd, founder of Baby Signing Mummy, who amongst other awards was shortlisted Finalist Business Parent of the Year 2011 MumandWorking Awards 2011, finalist Best Supporting Business 2011 MumpreneurUK, winner of Best New Business Venture 2011 in Hampshire Winning Women Business Awards 2011, voted Top 4 in Best New Activity for Children 2011 in the What's on 4 Junior Awards.

Why become a Baby Signing Mummy?

Baby Signing Mummy is a family friendly business that has been founded by a mum who wanted to work around her family. It's a really flexible option to be able to run your own business under your own steam but to have the support and mentoring of an award winning business behind you.

It is an ideal franchise if you love working with babies, children and families and love interacting with people on a daily basis. Our expertly written lesson plans have so much content that parents love coming to class to learn something new themselves! The number of classes and lessons you hold per week is completely down to your individual choice, leaving you plenty of time to spend time enjoying your family!

What are the benefits of owning a franchise?

The franchise that you own is yours! You will purchase a protected area so no other Baby Signing Mummy can set up in your area and this will allow you to grow your business into a profitable income.  By owning the franchise you have the constant back up of the overall company and founder Louise Lloyd.

You automatically enter into the Guild of Teachers and receive ongoing mentoring and coaching from Louise herself to ensure that you are marketing and advertising your franchise to it's very best.

By owning a franchise you receive the full business ready to launch, so as soon as your training has finished you are ready to start lessons immediately, all the hardworking has been done for you! All you have to do is decide she you want to run your first course.

Your business can launch with the backing of a national company, which has been voted top 4 in the UK for Best Children Activity 2011, as well as the Best Business Venture of 2011

Why become a Baby Signing Mummy over other franchise businesses?

We are a fast growing multi award winning business that has been founded by a passionate and dedicated lady. Louise Lloyd is a constant driving force to have Baby Signing Mummy nationally and internationally recognised as the best language development and communication activity. Parents value our classes above other activities and enjoy the expertise our lessons offer.
You are fully trained in the Baby Signing Mummy Method and will be a qualified Baby Signing Mummy Practitioner and you will be able to teach parents over 200 baby signs per course.

How much will a franchise cost me?

It depends on the size of area that you would like to own, our franchise costs are competitively priced with our smallest sized area starting at £2200 - which includes your protected area, full training, full resource kit, AND accommodation and food over your training.

How much am I likely to earn?

This is dependent on the amount of hours a week that you want to work, whether you are wanting to work term time only or all year through. For an approximation however you could work 10 hours a week - so 10 classes - and earn approximately 40k a year based on a 48 week year.

What does the training involve?

Full franchise training takes place over an intensive two day course. The course is held at the Baby Signing Mummy School of Excellence in Hampshire and full accommodation and food is provided.

The training covers everything you need to run your own franchise, from marketing and advertising to bookkeeping and accounts to how to use social media and write your own active blog posts! It does of course also train you fully in the Baby Sign Language as well as trains you fully in child development and language.  At the end of each day there are short assessments that help Louise assess what level of ongoing support you will require.

What is the ongoing support?

Once qualified Louise will arrange your first one to one coaching call, which is usually made for within the next 36 hours, so you have had time to go home and relax but before you suddenly feel you have forgotten everything you were taught! At this call Louise is checking that you are happy with the training and to see that you have fully checked out your resource kit.

The one to one calls then become weekly for the next couple of months,and you can spend these times discussing with Louise any questions or ideas you have for launching your classes. These calls may be via Skype which allows Louise to ensure you are happy with all the signs that you have been taught.

Once you are established you can decide how frequently you would like your mentoring.  You are also entered into the Guild of Teachers and here you have a forum space to gain support from your peers. You can talk, swap ideas, chat and inspire each other as a Baby Signing Mummy we all have new and fresh ways of making our franchises work and this is a space where we can share that!

Once a year there is also the Baby Signing Mummy Franchise Conference which is a great get together to celebrate our successes, as well asattend any training updates. Once you join Baby Signing Mummy, you become one of the family!

How can I apply or find out more?

Visit our website www.babysigningmummy.com/teach where you will find more details on the training and costs.Or request an application form via louise@babysigningmummy.com.
Get in touch today and be a member of our family! www.babysigningmummy.com

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