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Diaries and Organisers

Our reviewer Paula from Yorkshire The Mumandworking staff Beth from Kent (student)
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The Dodo Pad

They say:

Some time back in the deep recesses of the last century around 1966 (goodness, is that almost 50 years ago?), the Dodo Pad diary (a combined memo-doodle-engagement-weekly-planner-diary-organizer-message-ment book) was a new fangled invention, instantly accepted by grateful users as utterly indodispensible.

Impossible to lose (due to the nature of its annually altering, brightly coloured cover) desk diary. Visit www.dodopad.co.uk

I have been trying out the dodo pad for the last few weeks and so far am really impressed with it. I am usually very unorganised and have bits of paper lying around all over with appointments on shopping lists etc but I must admit even I have felt quite organised over the past few weeks. The diary has enough spaces in it for me to fill in appointments not only for work myself but my husband and little boy as well.  My husband (who is even worse than me than remembering dates/times etc).

A good idea, with loads of character to boot. It is a family orgainser so is a little on the bulky side. But the uses for the Dodo pad are various, there seems to be one for everybody. The Dodo pads are a fun way of keeping on top of your day with extra room to make notes on the day's events.

The Dodo Pad is fab. It has blank pages on the other side of page that I can doodle on while I am on the phone and scribble down numbers or things I need to do. Its quite big so not the sort of organiser you'd want to carry round in your handbag (although if you have a Mary Poppins bag like me it will probably fit in nicely) so I just left mine out and filled in any info I needed.


Office 365 Home Premium

Our reviewer Donna from Dorset (Part Time Home Worker) The Mumandworking staff Lesley from Manchester (Direct Seller)
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They say:

Office 365 Home Premium is a cloud subscription service (delivered via the internet) that works from anywhere across up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs and phones as well as Macs. It offers new capabilities to help busy people juggle ever-increasing work and family responsibilities.

“Whether you are a MMO or a Life Splicer, working on the go is becoming increasingly important and can genuinely impact on the quality of your work/life balance. With the changes in Office 365, we are making it easier for people to gain control of their lives and make sure that wherever they are, they can ensure they meet all their responsibilities and still have time for their friends and family.”

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This is a fantastic solution to working from home and being mum to three very active boys. The cloud storage capabilities mean you have the freedom you need.

I can update documents that I created earlier in the day whilst waiting for football club to finish, picking up where I left off the following day.

If I'm busy cooking dinner I can pick up my phone and quickly make any changes to a very important spreadsheet.

We're used to dealing with all kinds of documents for mumandworking, it's necessary for the day to running of our website.  So an office program is a must.

The rather impressive visuals on this new version of office are the first things that strike you, it's smoother and absolutely up to date in appearance.

We really got excited about the SkyDrive functionality to upload documents using cloud technology and update that document on any device not matter where you are.  With the summer holidays well under way we were able to create documents on our laptops and then update them as we were out and about using our smart phones and tablets, this was a little tricky to set up initially but well worth the effort.

A tricky bit of kit but once set up it seems to work.

I did encounter a few issues with the 'not repsonding' error leaving me puzzled, but this only happened a couple of times.

You can use this fully offline but obviously if you are using SkyDrive to save your documents to then you will require internet access.

Yes there are free office suites that you can download, but Microsoft Office is definitely the industry standard and well worth the purchase. I would have given four stars but for the initial set up issues and errors.