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Lantern and Larks, Sweffling Hall, Suffolk - a magical Glamping Experience

Picture this if you will….you’re standing on a veranda, glass of wine in your hand, golden fields, light blue skies and poplar trees are your view, you can hear children playing in the distance, but you know they’re safe, their laughter accompanied by two woodpeckers chattering as they swoop from tree to tree.

Our Welcome

This was our very first evening at Lantern and Larks, Sweffling Hall, Suffolk. As we were greeted on arrival by the friendly face of Laura, our host, we were shown to our Safari tent which was to be our home for the next couple of nights.  There were four tents, very well-spaced on the large field, although the retreats were completely booked we were unaware of our neighbours.

Now, think Harry Potter and the way the tents are described by J K Rowling: “Most looked almost ordinary; their owners had clearly tried to make them as Muggle-like as possible, but had slipped up by adding chimneys, or bellpulls, or weather vanes….. A little farther on they passed a tent that had three floors and several turrets; and a short way beyond that was a tent that had a front garden attached, complete with birdbath, sundial, and fountain. “Always the same,” said Mr. Weasley, smiling. “We can’t resist showing off”  The tents at Lantern and Larks are ‘showing off’ tents indeed, complete with double and bunk beds, comfy sofa, kitchen, warm shower, flushing toilet, you get the picture.  They also seem incredibly larger inside than out.

What can you do?

We’d brought our barbeque food with us, after purchasing a bag of charcoal and essential marshmallows from the honesty shop we were set for tea. After which we took our dogs for an evening stroll across the fields, catching the flash of a small deer every now and then.  We had seen that the nearby pub, just a short stroll along the lane, was highly recommended, but by this time we’d mesmerised the children with the fire pit and were too lazily relaxed to wander any distance from our tent.

Although the beds were extremely comfy, with fluffy duvets, cosy blankets and bedside lanterns, some of us rose early to catch the sunrise, which is a must when sleeping outdoors. Having ordered a breakfast pack, we busied ourselves with cooking bacon, eggs and sausages supplied, on our log burning stove.

After establishing that there was little in the way of Wi-Fi connection and no TV the children sourced some board games from amongst the books and toys to swap in the honesty shop, so we spent the best part of the day playing. Something I think they were pleasantly surprised to enjoy. We laughed as the younger children from the other tents engaged in wheelbarrow races across the field.

A ten minute car journey to nearby Framlingham supermarket meant that we could stock up on more bbq goodies for tea. Another late night around the fire pit was enjoyed by all.

In short

Yes, you can buy yourself a tent and supplies, and book a pitch for a minimal cost at any of the hundreds of campsites in the UK.  And honestly, Lantern and Larks does cost the same amount as renting a holiday cottage.  But why, when most of us live in houses would we want to experience the same day to day routine on holiday? When you book a stay in these palatial canvas retreats you’re booking an experience, you’ll gain memories that will last a life time and you can rest assured that you’ll be warm, dry and you won’t have to share the conveniences with anybody else.

If you'd like to book your magical stay at Lantern and Larks please visit their website here or call 01638 563 478

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