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Naming your company

This is often people's first contact with your company - seeing the name in print, on the Internet or hearing it spoken. Think of it a bit like naming one of your children!

  1. Make the name meaningful Since the name is often the first thing someone knows about your business, consider it an important marketing tool. Avoid vague names by thinking about the key focus of your business. Some people, like to include their first or last names in their business names. This can help personalize your product or service, and it is easier to avoid conflicts with a business name that includes your personal name.
  2. Make sure the name is easy to understand and pronounce. Because you want your business name to be passed along easily by word-of-mouth, m3. Choose a name that you can live and grow withake sure it is easy to understand and repeat. Shorter names are usually more memorable and less likely to be sources of confusion.
  3. Choose a name that you can live and grow with.Be forward-thinking in your choice of a business name, so it can expand as you do. Choose a name that is broad enough to give your business growing room and narrow enough to retain the power to communicate its focus. Also, make sure the name will outlast current fads or trends.
  4. Make it unique You'll be required to file legal forms indicating your business intent and the name you've chosen. Your name must be unique, since two businesses in the same geographic area cannot legally operate under the same name. It's a good idea to prepare a list of three or four alternate business names, in case your first choice is taken. Companies House offer a free WebCHeck service (available from Monday to Saturday 7.00am to 12 Midnight). This will enable you to see if the name you have chosen is already in use.
  5. Try it on for size.Jot down a list of possibilities and try them out on friends and family. Don't rush the process. Live with each possibility for a while. Remember, you'll probably be using this name for quite some time.li>
  6. Does it work in print? Remember that your business name must also look good in print, because that's the way most prospects and customers will encounter it first. Write your name out several ways, and also experiment with how it looks in different sizes and type fonts.
  7. Turn to designers for a professional-looking logo.When it comes time to put your business name in print, turn to professionals to create your logo and letterhead. These days, you can achieve very polished results even if you have a modest budget.
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