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Montessori Early Years Teaching

We interviewed Amanda Gilchrist and asked her how Montessori early years teaching could change the outlook of children and give you a positive career.

It is all about having a passion for child-centred learning and wanting to help make a difference to children at a critical time in their development.
Maria Montessori felt that the potential for  child development was at its greatest during a child's early years and that what happened during this time would shape their future.

Montessori teaching means that you follow the child and let them take control of their learning, facilitating their progress and only intervening when they need your guidance. Children are given tremendous freedom within a carefully prepared environment so the approach is incredibly powerful.

How do you become a Montessori teacher?

There are a number of private training providers. you have to study at one of these centres and are awarded an early childhood qualification at the end of study. Most courses run for 1 year and involve on the job training within a montessori setting. The montessori learning materials are an integral part of the approach so all students need to learn how to use these.

What type of courses do you offer?

The leading Montessori training centre in the UK is called Montessori Centre International, based in central london with part-time regional centres.
The 2 main pathways to qualification are the diploma course and a new foundation degree course.
The diploma course is offered on a part-time basis from college, 2 evenings or 1 day a week and the foundation degree is  a 2 year full-time course, run in conjunction with London Metropolitan university.At the end of the 2 years, you can go on to the BA (Hons) Early Childhood course at London Metropolitan.

Do you have to have any teaching experience?

Teaching experience is helpful but not essential. The main requirement is to love working with children and support the montessori approach in the classroom.

Do you have to attend a course or can the training be done remotely?

The diploma course can also be studied from home. You have up to 3 years to complete the course. You are supported during your study by a personal tutor based at the college. We also now have a distance learning student blogger who shares her experience on studying from home so you are not alone!

What qualification will you gain on completion of the course?

Upon completion, you will achieve an international diploma in Montessori Pedagogy - level 4 children's workforce and development council (work with children from 2 and 1/2 to 6 years)

The foundation degree in arts- montessori early childhood practice, level 5 cwdc (work with children from birth to 7 years)

How do you find out more?

Order a free dvd - discovering montessori.

EMAIL: dvd@montessori.org.uk

OR GO ONLINE: www.montessori.org.uk

How do people that are interested contact you?

Or phone: 020 7493 8300
Email: admissions@montessori.or.guk


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