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Career Focus - The World of Teaching

So..you would like like to become a teacher?

Teaching is often seen as a fantastic job for parents - you only work in the daytime and you get all of your holidays off.....but is that the reality? Here at Mum and Working we wanted to look into lots of different types of teaching from school based to working with children in sports or non-academic classes and see if teaching does round being a parent.

To become a fully qualified teacher in schools in England and Wales, you're going to have to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) first. Almost always, that means completing a programme of initial teacher training (ITT).

Combining theoretical learning with at least 18 weeks spent practising teaching on placements in schools, ITT helps you to develop the skills you need to become an effective teacher and achieve qualified teacher status (QTS).

ITT comes in all shapes and sizes, providing options to suit everyone - no matter what your qualifications, experience, preferences or personal circumstances. Simply put, you can choose from the following different ways into teaching:

For more information about teaching visit - www.tda.gov the Training and Development Agency for Schools