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Muses by a group of working parents who, despite opinions of some, have found a little more to do with their time than drink coffee and dunk biscuits.....

How to spend more time doing the things you love

“My favourite things in life don’t cost any money.  It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” Steve Jobs

With working days becoming ever longer, the constraints of modern life are placing more and more strains on our free time.  The last thing you want to do when you come home for work is boring housework! 

You should enjoy the spare time you do have, do the things you love, whether that be spending time with family and friends or indulging in a bit of relaxation.  That’s why we created Time For You, the UK’s premier domestic cleaning service.

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How To Deal With Anxiety In The Workplace

Anxiety disorders are a common part of life for many people across the country. The website Anxiety UK reports that one in six adults were found, in one study, to have experienced some form of neurotic health issue in the week leading up to the survey. Commonly, these issues were anxiety or depression.

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Maintaining Your Home With a Busy Work Schedule

A clean and tidy home is the one thing guaranteed to help us feel calm and among the chaos of every day life. However, it’s precisely the chaos that prevents us from keeping our living space in tip top condition, isn’t it? If cleaning the house falls to the bottom of your list of priorities (and don’t worry, we’ve all been there), here are some top tips for maintaining your home with a busy work schedule…

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mumandworking team member raises money for charity - in her bra!

mumandworking team member Nicki Armstrong is ecstatic this morning after walking 15.3 miles as part of the Moonwalk London 2016 and has raised over £500 for Breast Cancer Research.

Nicki did hit a wall and think that at the last minute she wouldn't be able to take part. As a sufferer of many allergies terms and conditions meant that she was unable to walk alone, due to health and safety risks.  Husband John saved the day and doned his very own bra to support and join her!

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How to Become Your Own Boss - 5 Steps to Starting your own Business

The prospect of starting your own business whilst juggling family and children can, for the most part, seem incredibly daunting. It all seems even more unreachable with a never ending to do list, constant school runs, work commitments, and that’s not even considering time to relax. So it’s no wonder that mothers all over the place are starting their own business which fits around their schedules. The whole concept can seem foreign but you can become your own CEO just by following these few simple steps.

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Owning your own Childcare Business

Written by Philippa Day,  working mum who runs her own successful childcare business, Harmony at Home Berkshire. 

Creating your own business can be tough, especially during the early start-up phase.

Philippa decided to purchase the Berkshire Division of the International Nanny Agency Harmony at home in 2014—and she hasn’t looked back since! After recovering her initial investment within four months, Philippa now has a turnover that exceeds all expectations. Read More →


The Finances Behind Owning And Running A Nursery

Written by Naomi Webb 

Naomi is currently training to become a primary school teacher, but in the meantime she is writing insightful and varied content for both parents & teachers! 

The UK’s nursery sector is booming, and if you love children and wish to turn your passion into a business you may well consider this sector as a viable option. Government funding also exists to encourage entrepreneurs to set up new nurseries to meet an ever-increasing need. Read More →


Mums set up FREE lucky day lottery.....

Written by Sarah and Alison, two working mums in the north of England who have set up an exciting FREE lottery website that we would love to tell you about!

The FREE LUCKY DAY LOTTERY is a 100% free lottery that gives out Amazon vouchers every Monday and Friday. Really simple to join, you just register your email and a lucky day (any date you choose – a birthday, an anniversary, a special date in your life or a totally random date) and this goes into a draw twice a week. If your lucky day is randomly selected, it is posted on our website along with a claim code. Just email us the claim code from your registered email address and we send you Amazon vouchers! It really is that simple! Read More →


Working Mum's Guide To Tax

Written by the team at Tax Rebate Services

If you happen to be one of the thousands of mums juggling work and family life, then you need to be aware of the tax reliefs you are entitled to claim.

You can weave working life around your manic ‘mum’ schedule and explore options you never considered possible until now. Whether you’re a franchisee for an established company like Avon, freelancer, beauty therapist, hairdresser or online trader, there’s a route for you to go down at Tax Rebate Services.

HMRC cannot automatically refund your money without your declaration, so be sure to give them a heads up and submit an official claim today! Read More →


Job Sharing – a better way to work

Written by Astrid Clifford from Shareyourjob.com

Working mums, it can be a grind can’t it? Trying to juggle your career, your kids AND still find time for yourself? If only there was a few more hours in the day.

Of course there are ways to squeeze everything in: You could pile extra hours into 3 or 4 working days to get an extra day off. You could work irregular hours and try to slot the school run, meals and other chores around it. It might even be a case of taking a part-time role and potentially missing out on career progression. Read More →


Combining Caring and Breadwinning

Written by Louise Webster, mum of 2 and Founder of Beyondtheschoolrun.com

There is an opportunity for us all as parents to re-shape the working world forever, whether you are working independently or as part of an organization.  By choosing to work in a new way, a way that isn’t all or nothing but recognizes the combination of caring and breadwinning we can truly start to shape a great society.

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Remember When You Loved Learning?

Written by Sarah Marsh from MagiKats HQ

Rediscover what it’s like to be excited to get to work, earn a good living and make a difference to kids in your area.  So much more than just a business - this is your chance to choose your future.

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Reach into your pocket.....

Written by Zena Scott

I want you to reach into your pocket pull something out, grab something from your your bag, or find something on your desk, don’t look too hard, it’s the first thing that comes to hand.

Hold that item in the air and sell it to me.  Is it the most expensive product ever?  Is it unique? Is it the most technologically advanced gadget ever?

Probably not, if like me you’ve grabbed a pen, a tissue, a drink, your glasses or piece of paper we’ll all be looking at the most uninspiring item.  But, we could sell it. How?

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